For each event (birth/baptism, death/burial, marriage/marriage license/termination) and fact a source field is available. A source field can be used for:

  • a source reference
  • a link to a web page
  • a link to a scan

Behind a source field are buttons for (dis)connecting a scan and viewing a link or a scan.
Right-clicking on a source field brings up a context menu with additional functions:

Source reference

Examples of useful source references:

  • Nederduits gereformeerd doopboek Valkenburg
  • Amsterdam DTB 1073, pag. 21vo en pag. 22
  • Amsterdam BS overlijden register 3 folio 12
  • Utrecht BS geboorten, aangiftedatum 12-03-1877
  • Rotterdam BS overlijden 1859 akte 2678
  • Nederland's Patriciaat 1917
  • Dordrechtsche Courant 18-08-1889
  • McIntire family archive
  • See baptism of son Robert

Link to a web page

A link to a web page is indicated by a URL.



Links to web pages have the disadvantage of getting lost when the owner of the website moves the page or the entire site. If you decide to use such links you need to check on a regular basis whether the link is still valid. ATM provides a function to check for broken links: Material Check links to web pages.

Link to a scan

Source references are important if you take genealogy seriously. More informative however is a scan of the actual source.

Behind the source field is a button with which a scan can be linked and disconnected. Behind it is a second button with which the linked file can be viewed.

As soon as a file is linked this button changes:

When a file is linked, the content of the source field can no longer be changed manually.

Directions of how to connect scans can be found on page Event material.

Interpretation of the content of a source field

ATM decides from the content of a source field which type of source it concerns. The data is considered a URL if it starts with:

  • http://
  • https://

All other data is regarded as a source reference.

When you hover the mouse cursor over the source field a tooltip comes up, displaying the source type.
Note that the source type is determined after the data is processed, as described on page Data entry.


In the reports these source types are presented differently.

A source reference looks like this Bron, clicking on it displays the content.

A link to a web page looks like this Link, clicking on it displays the page on a new tab.

A link to a scan looks like this Scan, clicking on it displays the scan on a new tab.