There are 3 types of reports available:

  • Ancestor tree
  • Descendant tree
  • Genealogy

The reports can be created automatically and on request for the selected person.

All reports can be predefined in the database, making it possible to generate a report automatically without first having to select the proband. On the Miscellaneous tab, under Options you can indicate if a person is the proband for a report.


Various settings for these reports can be specified, see page Report settings.

Output of reports

Reports are stored in folder [family tree folder]/Output/Reports.
The internal number of the proband is used for naming the files. For proband I12345 that results in:

Ancestor tree[family tree folder]/Output/Reports/AncestorTree-I12345.html
Descendant tree[family tree folder]/Output/Reports/DescendantTree-I12345.html
Genealogy[family tree folder]/Output/Reports/Genealogy-I12345.html