Presentation of scans

There is support for scans in various file formats:

  • JPEG file (.jpg)
  • PNG file (.png)
  • GIF file (.gif)
  • BMP file (.bmp)
  • PDF file (.pdf)

Note: ATM only accepts file extensions in lower case.

PDF files can be viewed directly in the browser. For the other file formats there is the possibility to display them on an 'HTML scan page'. This has several advantages:

  • The use of an Image Viewer with a good zoom function, to be operated with the mouse wheel
  • Several scans can be shown on one scan page, which is useful for multi-page documents
  • Below the scan text can be added, for example a transcription of a difficult to read document
  • The presentation of the scan is in line with the other HTML pages with respect to title, background color and page icon

Below are three ways to present a marriage license. Note that the third method has the best zoom function:

  • Marriage license as a PDF Scan
  • Marriage license as a JPEG Scan
  • Marriage license JPEG on a scan page Scan

Below are two ways to present a document consisting of 2 scans:

  • Marriage certificate as PDF Scan
  • Marriage certificate as JPEG on a scan page Scan

Finally, an example of a deed with transcription:

  • Notarial deed as JPEG on a scan page Scan

Scan page

How to create a scan page is discussed in Event material.
The content of the scan page is discussed in Scan page.