From version 9.0 the reporting is 'responsive'.

All templates and style sheets (CSS files) have been significantly changed to support the new functionality. When custom templates are used, they must be aligned with the new regulations.

An old style contact page should be replaced with a new page. For detailed information see: User specific page, section Set up contact page

Design decisions

  • A screen of at least 1250 pixels wide is considered a large screen, on which the report is broadly displayed as usual.
  • A simple navigation bar is shown on a small screen with a 'hamburger', which when clicked displays the main menu items. Every nested menu item is shown on a separate page. These pages are created as part of the index pages.
  • On a small screen, the broad table on the index pages has been replaced by a simple list of names.
  • The layout of the contact page has been adjusted to function on both a large and a small screen.
  • With the slideshow, there is no possibility to select the starting point on a small screen.

Screen size

The effective width of the screen is determined by:

  • The total width of the screen
  • The width of the browser on the screen
  • The zoom factor (the further you zoom in, the smaller the screen becomes)

Cache buster

When the reporting is published on the Internet, you may run into problems with browser buffering. On a PC or laptop this can be solved quite easily by a reload/refresh or, in case of a changed style sheet, by a 'hard' reload/refresh. Unfortunately, this last option is not available on a mobile phone. In order to force the browser to read in a modified style sheet, you can use a so-called 'cache buster'. From version 9.0 there is such a cache buster in the reporting.

Old style:

   <link rel="stylesheet" href="../Style/Atm.css">

New style:

   <link rel="stylesheet" href="../Style/Atm.css?version=3079258271">

During the creation of the reporting, the version number is determined by the style sheet that is active at that time. After a new style sheet has been installed, it is therefore necessary to generate the entire reporting again before putting everything on the internet.