Version history

Version 9.16

Release date 2024-04-26

  • Function added: Person Modify ID number
  • Function added: Maintenance Overview private persons
  • Function changed: Maintenance Update ID numbers, see Maintenance, section Update ID-numbers
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Various improvements

Version 9.15

Release date 2024-03-26

  • Layout of Tools Settings Behavior changed and expanded with a new setting regarding file conventions, see Settings, section Behavior
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Various improvements

Version 9.14

Release date 2024-03-17

  • Dialog box for 'Overview event sources' expanded
  • The table Overview relationships has been given a function in the context menu under the right mouse button to adjust the relationship type
  • Function added: Maintenance Overview stillborn children
  • Various improvements

Version 9.13

Release date 2024-02-08

  • Dialog box for 'Find text' expanded
  • Added indicator for 'Research' in tables of partners and children: !
  • Added button for 'Default colors' on settings panel
  • Stylesheets improved regarding responsiveness
  • Template Person.html changed
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Various improvements

Version 9.12

Release date 2024-01-16

  • Added option 'Research' to the dialog for creating a new person
  • Update of external libraries
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Various improvements

Version 9.11

Release date 2024-01-04

Version 9.10

Release date 2023-11-18

  • Function Maintenance Overview of unrelated persons added, see Maintenance
  • Added deletion of persons to the context menu of the person list
  • Various improvements

Version 9.9

Release date 2023-11-02

  • Requesting an overview of event sources/fact sources has been expanded, see Maintenance
  • When linking material files, files with extension .jp2 are treated as a JPEG file. Maybe this is not always correct?
  • Various bugs fixed

Version 9.8

Release date 2023-10-25

  • The File Export person list function has been moved to the toolbar of the Person list and now only exports the persons that meet the filtering

Version 9.7

Release date 2023-10-20

  • There is now the option to filter the person list, see Person list
  • Searching with wildcards has been changed slightly, see Person list
  • The results table of Overview event/fact sources can now be sorted on 3 columns (instead of 1)
  • The way in which the reference person can be set has changed
  • Various minor improvements

Version 9.6

Release date 2023-09-07

  • When setting up the navigation bar, there is now a possibility to indicate that the contents of a menu should be displayed on a separate page, see page Navigation bar
  • The result table of the function Maintenance Find text now has the ability to show the text via the context menu
  • Changing an option no longer results in a change of the 'last modified date'
  • Various minor improvements

Version 9.5.1

Release date 2023-08-15

  • Bug fixed when connecting a witness

Version 9.5

Release date 2023-08-12

  • Various improvements, including in reporting
  • It is now possible to delete lines in the Log Viewer via the context menu under the right mouse button
  • When a new version is available, an orange warning icon will appear on the toolbar

Version 9.4.1

Release date 2023-08-01

  • Bug fixed in function Maintenance Overview event sources

Version 9.4

Release date 2023-07-24

  • Lists Birth witnesses and Death witnesses merged into Witnesses, screen layout changed
  • Support of a Reunion GEDCOM added
  • Support for an Aldfaer GEDCOM improved (Aldfaer had changed the ASSO tag to _ASSO at some point)
  • Many small improvements
  • Several improvements of the File Transfer Handler

Version 9.3.2

Release date 2023-04-02

  • Bugs fixed in the reporting

Version 9.3.1

Release date 2023-03-31

  • Bug fixed in the creation of a Getform contact page

Version 9.3

Release date 2023-03-21

Version 9.2.2

Release date 2023-03-08

  • Improvement in the Installer and Uninstaller to solve a problem on Windows

Version 9.2.1

Release date 2023-02-25

  • Improvement in the Installer and Uninstaller to solve a rare problem on Windows

Version 9.2

Release date 2023-02-23

  • Functions added to menu Go to to navigate to the person with the previous/next ID number
  • A notification is now given when a new JAVA version is available
  • Various minor improvements
  • The installation program no longer needs to be explicitly started as an Administrator on Windows
  • An Uninstaller is provided to remove ATM, see bottom of page:

Version 9.1

Release date 2023-01-29

  • Improvements in reports and style sheets
  • New function Check file conventions in:
    • the context menu of the portrait field
    • the context menu of the event source fields
  • Extended file conventions for shared material
  • Exporting the person list and info tables to a text file has changed:
    • a delimiter can now be specified
    • the file extension is either .csv or .tsv, depending on the selected delimiter
    • the file is in UTF-8 on all platforms
    • in the person list, the data is now in fixed columns
  • Fixed a bug in Overview event sources & Overview fact sources
  • Various minor improvements

Version 9.0

Release date 2023-01-01

Version 8.6.1

Release date 2022-12-20

  • Acceleration of the 'File Chooser'

Version 8.6

Release date 2022-12-19

  • Many small improvements

Version 8.5.1

Release date 2022-11-23

  • Fixed incorrect genealogy implementation

Version 8.5

Release date 2022-11-22

  • Expanded reporting: in addition to ancestor tree and descendant tree, there is now also the genealogy
  • Various improvements
  • Linux users will need to replace the old desktop shortcuts by new ones, because the location of the icons has changed (see installation instructions)

Version 8.4.2

Release date 2022-11-09

  • Various improvements and important bug fixes

Version 8.4.1

Release date 2022-11-06

  • Small improvement in fact sorting

Version 8.4

Release date 2022-11-05

  • Functions added in the context menu of the fact table to sort facts, see explanation on page Facts
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.3

Release date 2022-10-29

  • Function Material Overview sources by place
    replaced by Maintenance Overview event sources
  • Function added: Maintenance Overview fact sources
  • Various small improvements

Version 8.2

Release date 2022-10-17

  • Various improvements when reading GEDCOM files
  • In the person list, several lines can be selected at once (for the purpose of copying data)
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 8.1.2

Release date 2022-09-29

  • Bug fixed in installation program

Version 8.1.1

Release date 2022-09-27

  • Several bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.1

Release date 2022-09-26

  • Saving the data is accelerated (except the first time after loading a GEDCOM) This has consequences for the list of edits, see Undo operations.
  • The person list has been expanded with the columns 'Added' and 'Changed'
  • Settings changed/added:
    Tools Settings Family Tree Family Tree Folder
    Tools Settings Reporting Personan page Google Maps button behind address
    Tools Settings Behavior Screen Selection of parents
    see Settings and Report settings
  • Trying to open a family tree file twice was previously blocked, now the file will open but no changes can be made. The status bar reads: Locked
  • On Windows, ATM can now be installed in the folder C:\Program Files\AncestorTreeManager,
    see Installation on Windows
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.0

Release date 2022-08-20

  • Using the root folder is now optional, see Folders and files
  • Settings added:
    Tools Settings Reporting Index pages Style
    Tools Settings Reporting Index pages Date of last modification
    Tools Settings Behavior Miscellaneous Use root folder
    see Settings and Report settings
  • Icon added to the person tab to indicate that the option 'Research' is checked
  • Function added: Maintenance Overview ancestors
  • The graphs (Kinship and Overview Ancestors) have been made interactive so that persons can be selected
  • Minor changes in ATM data storage and GEDCOM export
  • Update of external libraries
  • During installation shortcuts are now also added to the Windows Start Menu

Version 7.8

Release date 2022-07-22

  • Setting added:
    Tools Settings Reporting General Date format
    see Settings
  • Maintenance per field: fact 'address' added
  • Support of MacFamilyTree (SyniumFamilyTree) GEDCOM & Family Historian GEDCOM & Family Tree Maker (FTM) GEDCOM
  • Several small changes in the reports
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

Version 7.7

Release date 2022-07-02

  • Various improvements to the GEDCOM import
  • Various improvements to the reporting

Version 7.6.1

Release date 2022-05-22

  • Several small bug fixes

Version 7.6

Release date 2022-04-07

  • Several improvements

Version 7.5.1

Release date 2022-03-15

  • Bug fixed in function Maintenance Kinship

Version 7.5

Release date 2022-03-14

  • Function Maintenance Kinship extended with options
  • Slideshow extended with selection of display time and link to person page
  • GEDCOM export improved
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.4

Release date 2022-02-20

  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • New style sheets and templates for the reporting
  • Slideshow added to the reporting, see Index and overviews
  • GEDCOM import: if the character set is not specified in de GEDCOM file the user is asked for it

Version 7.3

Release date 2022-02-04

  • Various improvements and bug fixes
  • Support of Oedipus II GEDCOM and Geni GEDCOM

Version 7.2

Release date 2022-01-22

  • New style sheets for the reporting
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.1

Release date 2022-01-01

  • New style sheets and templates for the reporting, see page Styling
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.0

Release date 2021-12-25

  • Look & Feel changed
  • Function Maintenance Kinship now produces graph instead of table
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.4

Release date 2021-11-28

  • Various improvements

Version 6.3

Release date 2021-11-15

  • New style sheets and templates for the reporting, standard footer added to home page and user-specific pages
  • Search functions enhanced with wildcards and case sensitivity
  • New feature Maintenance Kinship, see page Maintenance
  • It is now possible to copy and paste multiple facts at once
  • Various improvements

Version 6.2

Release date 2021-11-01

  • Material can now also be connected using 'drag & drop', see pages:
  • Function Adjust orientation added to the context menu of the portrait field
  • Bug fixed in function Material Overview scan pages with discrepancy
  • The Gendex file wil from now on be stored in [family tree folder]/Output instead of in [family tree folder]
  • Many small improvements

Version 6.1

Release date 2021-10-22

  • Button to Google Maps added behind the entry field of the placename, see (new!) page Placename
  • Optional button to Google Maps added in the reporting, adjustable via Tools Settings Reporting
  • Function Material Overview material changed, see page Material - Tools & maintenance
  • Various improvements

Version 6.0

Release date 2021-10-10

  • Requires Java 17
  • New version Bootstrap and Lightbox for the reporting
  • New style sheets and templates for the reporting
  • Contact form with Formspree or Getform supported, see User-specific page
  • Function Maintenance Overview hidden prefixes now also detects prefixes in the given name field
  • Better support of shortcut keys for macOS
  • Many small improvements

Version 5.6

Release date 2021-09-03

  • Many small improvements

Version 5.5

Release date 2021-08-11

  • Requires Java 16
  • Various improvements

Version 5.4.1

Release date 2021-07-22

  • Bug fixed with respect to witnesses when loading a GEDCOM

Version 5.4

Release date 2021-06-05

  • Reporting extended with Gendex file, see page Reporting
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Various small improvements

Version 5.3.1

Release date 2021-05-04

  • Bugs fixed

Version 5.3

Release date 2021-04-14

  • Function Maintenance Find notes replaced by Maintenance Find text
  • Witness info added to age table
  • Several small improvements

Version 5.2

Release date 2021-03-30

  • Several bugs fixed
  • Default title of scan page for facts changed

Version 5.1

Release date 2021-02-11

  • Support of date BC, see Date
  • Entry of date with month as text in Dutch, English, Gernam, French en Norwegian
  • Bug fixed in GEDCOM import
  • Improved handling of very large ancestor tree
  • Function Maintenance Data check improved and expanded
  • Small changes in person pages

Version 5.0

Release date 2021-02-02

  • Requires Java 15
  • While it is possible to start multiple instances of ATM, opening a particular family tree twice is blocked
  • Option 'Story' added, see Options
  • Function Maintenance Data check expanded
  • New functions added:
    • File Create backup
    • Material Overview scan pages with discrepancy
  • Many small improvements
  • Several bug fixes

Version 4.4

Release date 2021-01-05

  • Many small improvements
  • Several bug fixes

Version 4.3.1

Release date 2020-11-28

  • Several improvements
  • Several bug fixes

Version 4.3

Release date 2020-11-21

  • Several improvements
  • Function Go to sibling replaced by To previous sibling and To next sibling
  • New functions added:
    • copy & paste of children
    • delete child
    • delete father/mother

Version 4.2

Release date 2020-11-08

  • Several improvements
  • New maintenance function added: Material Remove empty folders

Version 4.1

Release date 2020-10-29

  • Several bugs fixed
  • Several improvements
  • New functions added:
    • copy & paste of sources
    • copy & paste of portraits
    • rename portrait file

Version 4.0

Release date 2020-10-12

  • As of version 4.0 it is no longer possible to load a family tree that was created with a version older than 3.7
  • New function added: copy & paste of facts
  • Function Maintenance Data check improved and expanded
  • Several bugs fixed

Version 3.9.1

Release date 2020-10-02

  • Several bugs fixed for loading of a GEDCOM file
  • Function Maintenance Data check expanded

Version 3.9

Release date 2020-10-01

  • Support of Gramps GEDCOM
  • Installation improved for macOS, see macOS Instructions
  • Several small bugs fixed

Version 3.8

Release date 2020-07-29

  • Based on Java 14
  • Start scripts for Linux and macOS changed
  • Install scripts for Linux and macOS created
  • Bugs fixed in the File Transfer Handler
  • Several improvements

Version 3.7.1

Release date 2020-07-07

  • Bug fixed in person pages
  • Style sheets adjusted

Version 3.7

Release date 2020-07-04

  • Bug fixed regarding start-scripts for macOS
  • Improved performance for large database
  • Support of GEDCOM from Geneaal
  • Several improvements

Version 3.6

Release date 2020-06-14

  • Image Viewer extended zoom/pan
  • Function Reporting Modify home page changed, see Home page
  • Functions added to menu Reporting, see User-specific page
  • Printout of HTML pages improved
  • Templates changed
  • Style sheets changed
  • Bug fixed in the File Transfer Handler
  • Names of start scripts on macOS changed: extension .command added
  • During Installation on Linux, files are prepared for startup from desktop, see Linux

Version 3.5.1

Release date 2020-06-02

  • Bug fixed in the File Transfer Handler

Version 3.5

Release date 2020-05-31

  • The descendant tree report comes in 2 styles (per branch and per generation), selectable in Tools Settings Reporting
  • Several minor adjustments in the reporting
  • Style sheets changed
  • File Transfer Handler: synchronisation function improved, see Website

Version 3.4

Release date 2020-05-24

  • Context menu of the 'File Chooser' extended with a function to view images
  • Image Viewer changed (Zoom+ and Zoom- buttons replaced by a resizable screen)
  • Style sheets changed
  • Bug fixed in descendant tree
  • Several minor changes and improvements

Version 3.3

Release date 2020-05-08

  • The ancestor overview chart is changed: it comes in 2 styles, selectable in Tools Settings Reporting
  • The style sheets are changed, the old style ancestor overview chart is not supported any more
  • GEDCOM export options added
  • Several improvements

Version 3.2.3

Release date 2020-04-30

  • Data check improved
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.2.2

Release date 2020-04-17

  • Support for GEDCOM from Ahnenforscher and My Family Tree
  • GEDCOM import/export improvements

Version 3.2.1

Release date 2020-04-15

  • Several improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2

Release date 2020-04-07

  • Function Create scan page added to the context menu of a source field
  • Improved support of GEDCOM import (GensDataPro, Aldfaer 8.0)
  • Several small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.2

Release date 2020-03-26

  • Several improvements of GEDCOM import

Version 3.1.1

Release date 2020-03-25

  • Bug fix
  • Function added to menu Maintenance
  • Several small changes

Version 3.1

Release date 2020-03-22

  • Some internal changes
  • Several bug fixes

Version 3.0.4

Release date 2020-03-07

  • Bug fixed
  • Several small changes

Version 3.0.3

Release date 2020-03-05

  • Help function (F1) added to fields, context menus, dialog boxes and tables, see * Quick start *
  • Several small improvements

Version 3.0.2

Release date 2020-03-02

  • Import of a GEDCOM in ANSEL is now also supported

Version 3.0.1

Release date 2020-03-01

  • Import from GEDCOM improved for PRO-GEN
  • macOS is now also supported
  • Several small changes

Version 3.0

Release date 2020-02-29

  • Based on Java 13 (instead of Java 8)
  • Folder layout changed, see Folders and files
  • File Transfer Handler added, see Website
  • Import from GEDCOM improved for GensDataPro, Haza-21, Legacy, MyHeritage
  • Export to GEDCOM improved
  • Data check options added
  • New functions added to menu Material
  • Many small changes and improvements