Entering the date can be done in different ways. How the entered text is interpreted is primarily determined by the specified date format, see Tools Settings Behavior.

Date parts

The entered text must be in line with the chosen order of the date parts. The following separators are recognized:

hyphen -
dot .
comma ,
forward slash /

Month indication

In addition to numerical values, the month can also be entered as text in Dutch, English, German, French or Norwegian.
Input is not case-sensitive.

Additional information

An additional sign can be entered in front of the date, indicating that the event took place around, before or after the specified date.
Behind the date you can indicate whether it concerns a date before Christ.
The following indications (not case-sensitive) are recognized:

About Before After Before Christ
± < >
ca, circa voor na VC, v.Chr.
abt, about before after BC
um vor nach VC, v. Chr.

Data entry

Evaluation of the entered data goes from high to low: first the year is determined, followed by the month and finally the day.

  • A date without a year is considered meaningless
  • For a date with a year and a day, but without a month, only the year is considered relevant
  • There is no year zero: the year 1 BC is followed by the year 1

When date format Day-Month-Year is selected, the final presentation of the date is: dd-mm-yyyy or mm-yyyy or yyyy, optionally preceded by ± or < or > or followed by BC.

Input Result
2 June 1855 02-06-1855
June 1855 06-1855
2-?-1855 1855
3 aug
abt 02/06/1855 ± 02-06-1855
0 0001
-50 0050
50 bc 0050 BC

Date field

When hovering the mouse over a date field the currently selected format is displayed:

Context menu

Clicking the right mouse button while the cursor is in an input field shows a context menu. See Data entry explanation of the various functions.

The Calculate birth date function is only displayed when the cursor is in the birth date field. This function is active if a date of death or a wedding date is known, which can be used as a reference date. If multiple reference dates are available, the desired reference can be chosen.

After entering the age in years, months, days, click OK. The calculated age is then placed in the birth date field.