Loop error

Immediately after loading a family tree, ATM checks if there is a loop error somewhere in the database. A loop error is caused by an incorrect connection of persons. For example:

John Smith → son Richard Smithn → son Robert Smith → son John Smith where grandfather John Smith is the same person as grandson John Smith.

Such a mistake in the database has various consequences for the functioning of ATM:

  • Showing all the ancestors of the reference person with a color is preventively turned off because it can lead to problems.
  • Creating a report (ancestor tree, descendant tree, genealogy) can go wrong. A notification of this can be seen in the Log Viewer.

It is therefore important to quickly fix a loop error. ATM can then be informed by having it checked for errors again. Go to Maintenance Data Check. If the error has indeed been corrected, the coloring of the reference person's ancestors will be resumed.

A loop error has no effect on the creation of person pages or index pages.