Ancestor Tree Manager (ATM) is a free genealogy program which enables you to create a website for publication of family trees, person pages, scans of sources and an index on persons.

  • ATM is available for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • The program can run in English, Dutch and German
  • While the program is running, you can switch between languages
  • Reports can be generated in English, Dutch, German, French and Norwegian
  • The program is simple and intuitive
  • Just like with a word processor, edits can be easily undone
  • There is very good support for linking material
  • Many useful functions are available for checking and maintenance of the database
  • A separate File Transfer Handler is included, with which the reporting can be transferred to the internet
  • The manual is available online in English and Dutch and is applicable to the latest version

ATM is developed by an enthousiastic amateur genealogist with a professional IT background.
Here a website created with ATM:

Please contact me if you:

  • need support
  • have a question
  • have a request
  • want to report a problem

When you start by loading a GEDCOM file it is recommended to read the instructions on the GEDCOM import page.